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Follow the yellow brick road.......... Has had special meaning to us for over 15 years. As we have looked to expand our family, a Golden Retriever has always been a part of our family.... The " SONDOG" was our first dog together...Some of you may remember this fun loving dog who always was the center of attention. We shared in his memories for over 12 years.....

As many of you know, the death of a pet is one of life's most difiicult challanges and we were no exception. We soon felt the need to " replace " Sondog, which I thought would be was an impossible task. How could one replace a dog that was so much a part of the family ?....The answer.....Get two Golden Retriever puppies!!... Are you insane, well for those of you who know us the answer is YES!!!

A beautiful pair of brothers with very distinct differences were now a part of our family.....Cabo and Lucky .......Life, as well as our house and furniture, would never be the same.  We shared many long walks on the beach as well as many nights by the fireplace during the cold winter months. Life was good....... It was then, in a matter of only three days that we told of a disease that would require us to make a decision to put Lucky down.....

Again, you can imagine how devestated we were.......not only was it difficult for us but poor Cabo. He was lost without his bother because they were never apart....This caused him to lose energy and become depressed. So what do you do ? yep....Get another dog !!!!!
 ( I  told you we were insane )

On a cold winter afternoon, again I was surpised with a precious Golden retriever pup....Not only was she a blessing for cabo, but she made life easier for us too.  Cabo was back to himself.... a fun loving dog and full of energy  as he tried his best to impress the new female pup " Sasha Leflur Golden Nuggett" a beauty in her own right......... Yes, we were blessed with two Golden Retrievers again !!!!

One day I heard a voice say aloud..."Honey, how cool would it be to make puppies ?  Not thinking about the consequences, I said.." that would be really cool "..... So , ...Here we go again !!!!

We began to explore all of the resposibilities of becoming a breeder of Golden Retrievers..... and by the way.....Wow, is there alot of things that you need to know.. AKC stuff...OFA stuff... Cert stuff and the list goes on and on.  oh yea, CASH.... because nothing is cheep !! We took this responsibilty very seriously and we are proud to say that we have tried our very best to produce very high quality dogs with the best intention to keep them free of genetic defects and provide a loving home to which our dogs temperment is a tribute to our cause.

  Our dream of becoming a quality breeder of Golden Retrievers is now a reality for us and as you will see in the following photos, we have achieved our new beginning in search of our " Best in Show ".

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Danielle DeAppolonio | Reply 16.01.2020 12.38

Hello! Wondering how I can submit an application for a puppy that needs a home from an upcoming litter! My husband and I have lots of love to give!

Donna | Reply 09.03.2019 06.19

My golden just passed away.My husband who had a stroke is so lost without her.Looking for a beautiful golden

Bernadette Webster | Reply 06.04.2017 16.14

Hi. I'm looking for another Golden Retriever girl puppy and am wondering when you are planning your next litter. Please let me know how to get on your list.

Wendy Paskin | Reply 09.04.2015 20.19

Buddy- it is always a pleasure to see you. You are one of the best people I know and a true golden lover. Anyone who knowsmyoumis blesses!

Joanne Rice | Reply 11.07.2014 18.49

beautiful story - thanks for sharing!

Lisa | Reply 13.04.2014 20.50

Will you have puppies available in the near future and if not who can you recommend that breeds dogs for families with young children in NJ?

toni 13.04.2014 21.03

we have a litter planned for end of summer. please forward your email address to Tonid0711@aol.com. We will forward a pup application to you or call 7326938466

Lauri Staples | Reply 17.02.2011 00.16

Hi Toni, I was wondering if you can post a recent picture of "Zach". Our son Jack asks about him every day and I can't seem to get our webcam to work. Thanks!

Lisa (Persiponko) Santos | Reply 11.01.2011 09.21

I am interested in your new liter of puppies. I would appreciate it if you could keep me in mind if you are looking for good homes. Thanks!

Toni Damiano 13.01.2011 23.33

Hi Lisa, Thanks for visiting sasha's web site. Currently we have two males and a female that are still available. 732-693-8466 and speak with Toni..Thanks

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16.01 | 12:38

Hello! Wondering how I can submit an application for a puppy that needs a home from an upcoming litter! My husband and I have lots of love to give!

28.12 | 12:19

Hi, I am very interested in knowing when your next litter will be and how much they will cost? Your dogs are beautiful! I have owned three GR's, the best breed!

16.04 | 16:56

Your goldens are beautiful! We are a friend of Hudson’s on Instagram. 👍🏼

09.03 | 06:19

My golden just passed away.My husband who had a stroke is so lost without her.Looking for a beautiful golden

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